Create a New Feng Shui Flow By Letting Go
By Jen Boyd on November 26, 2021
Create a New Feng Shui Flow By Letting Go 

In this video, I’m going to talk about the important concept of Letting Go, and how you can do it using Feng Shui principles! 

When we let go, we create the space for new energy, opportunities, people, and even LOVE to come into our lives. Letting go is a very powerful and resourceful aspect of optimizing the energy flow in your home and life. 

Oftentimes, when we feel stuck in some area of our life, we can use Feng Shui principles to identify which area of our home corresponds to the area feeling blocked. Then, we can create change that really makes a difference! 

We pair making changes in our homes with our thoughts, feelings and intentions, and of course, natural elements. When we do this, it’s amazing how our life can open up! 

Through the years, I’ve seen my clients open up energy channels in their homes with amazing results - landing new jobs that had seemed stalled for months, attracting the loves of their lives, gaining prosperity, improving their health, and more. The intentions are always up to you! 

From a Feng Shui perspective, letting go is a process that combines your physical space with your intentions. It’s a very powerful concept! 

The benefit of incorporating Feng Shui into the process of letting go is simple. When you are ready to let go, it’s critical to look closely at your environment because it holds an energetic pattern. If you are letting go in your mind - which is absolutely essential - but are still feeling stuck, it’s probably due to your space holding an old energetic pattern. As you change the energy pattern in your space AND combine it with your new thoughts and intentions, truly incredible things can happen. 

I’ll cover: 
- Asking yourself these five key questions when you’re preparing to LET GO
- Identifying the areas of your home that represent prosperity, relationships, and health
- Using the Bagua (Feng Shui Map) to let go and open up the energy
- Identifying the obstacles in your space to release

I hope this information was helpful! I’d love for you to leave me a comment below with your thoughts. 

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Jen Boyd

Jen Boyd helps people improve the flow of positive energy in their home using modern Feng Shui principles. Jen’s down-to-earth approach to Feng Shui makes the ancient study easy and understandable for today’s lifestyle. Jen also brings attention to the importance of self-care and how to honor your personal Ch’i. If you're interested in learning about how Feng Shui can enhance the quality of your life then definitely reach out and request a free discovery session today.
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