Feng Shui Tip: Change 27 Things
By Jen Boyd, September 28, 2019
Do you feel stuck and stagnant in your life? Do you love your home, but feel like the energy could use some improvement? Or, perhaps there’s an area of your life where there’s been no movement or a feeling that nothing is happening? 

Our environment affects the way we feel. It also reflects what’s happening in our life. Therefore, when we want to make a change in our life or improve the energy in our space, we can start by simply making changes to our space. 

A Simple Practice to Get the Energy Moving 

The principles of Feng Shui may seem complicated with many new concepts to learn and understand, however, there is one simple way to get energy moving: change 27 things in your space. 

Changing 27 things simply means:

- moving items to new locations

- throwing things out

- replacing artwork you've had for an extended time

- getting new furniture

- adding mementos that make you smile

- sorting through piles of clutter

- cleaning out closets and cabinets

- framing new photos of recent, happy memories

- adding new plants

- fixing broken items

- replacing light bulbs

- sweeping the porch

These are just some ideas to get you thinking. There are many ways to make quick, fun changes that will have an impact. Are there items in your home that have been in one place for too long? Is there something in your home that you’ve been meaning to change? Take a look at your space right now and see what you can rearrange. 

Why 27?

I know, I know, why start with 27? In numerology, 27 represents 2+7=9. The number 9 symbolizes a full cycle, so it's inspirational to use 27 as a guide. However, you can actually make any number of changes to move the energy in your space. There really aren't any rules and nothing says that making more or less will mess up your energy. And, I can tell you from personal experience that once I start making changes, I don’t count the number. I just keep going until my space feels right. The idea is to create a new whirl of energy - and, to have fun while doing it! 

This practice isn’t like undertaking a home remodel or a major spring cleaning. However, it may lead to larger endeavors if inspiration unfolds as you create new energy. The idea is to keep things fresh in your space.  

Where Do I Start? 

Look around your space for one item or area of inspiration that needs the most attention and focus on that. Start with something fun like displaying some of your favorite, recent photos or potting a new plant. This doesn’t have to be a major cleaning endeavor. This should be fun! Start with one thing and see where it leads. There is no right or wrong way, the idea is to just get your energy moving. 

Create a New Ritual

By eliminating things that are no longer relevant, or that may be broken or distracting, we clear the space for new energy to flow. This process can become a practice - a ritual that you complete on a regular basis. Every few weeks or months, spend a few minutes moving and rearranging your things. Rearranging items and discarding old things, freshens up the energy. This is a simple practice and it doesn’t take an enormous amount of time. And, typically, once you start, the energy of the process will generate momentum and inspire you to continue moving your space into good shape.

By honoring this ritual, the energy in your space will feel fresh, alive, and current. Periodically shake up the energy and let that energy inspire you in other areas. It’s easy to let our space sit and remain unchanged, and then wonder why our life feels stagnant. Creating this practice/ritual, encourages you to think differently about your space and to understand that your space should be current with your life. Your life is continually changing - no day is ever the same - so our space should continually change with us. 

If we make small changes on a more regular basis, we eliminate the need to make clearing our space such a major task. Having a lot of stuff to move through can be overwhelming and honestly, defeating. Time becomes the issue since it will take A LOT of it to work through your stuff. This results in feeling badly about ourselves. Our stuff becomes a heavy weight and a constant reminder of something we haven’t yet addressed. Then, internally we feel the energy slacking in our space and all areas of our life seem to slow down. Finally, we feel lethargic and wonder why we don’t have more energy. It’s a vicious cycle.   

Beginning a new ritual of moving 27 things is a fun, easy process that when followed, can provide huge relief to many areas of your life. 

Perhaps you set a date on your calendar for a quarterly session to move 27 things. The timing is up to you, and there’s no ideal date except that which you feel is necessary. Let this ritual become one that you honor. Think of it as maintenance, just as you do with changing the oil in your car. Also, consider this practice as a way of honoring your personal Ch’i and how you show up for yourself in your life. When your space feels fresh and current, the newness of the energy will motivate you in all areas of your life. As I often say, “When you feel good in your space, you feel good in your life.”

Big Projects

Sometimes we do have large areas that collect a lot of belongings, such as basements, closets, attics, garages, or perhaps there’s one room that has become a “catch-all” for your stuff. In this scenario, moving 27 things may not even feel like it scratches the surface. Don’t get discouraged! Start small. Divide the area into sections that you can tackle at separate times. Make sure you celebrate the areas you do complete! It may be that you need to schedule a few days in a row to get one area finished.   

Hiring a professional organizer is also a great way to accomplish this task. A professional organizer will develop a strategy for where your things will go and, since they are not attached, they’ll really help you move through it. Their speciality is to be able to see through the mess and create order. Hiring a professional for a large area that needs assistance is so freeing and it will allow you to focus on what items you want to keep or let go. Let this process be fun! This is not about making yourself feel more overwhelmed, but instead to lighten up the energy in your space for a fresh breath of air. 

Remove Distractions

Distractions in our environment can create a tailspin in our life and cause us to lose focus of what’s most important. When we are bombarded by items in our space that deter us from clear-thinking, we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and challenged to get things accomplished. Distractions show up as clutter, artwork that is hung out of obligation or that does not have a positive message, items that are broken or no longer relevant in our life, or frankly, too many small things/knick-knacks that catch our attention and send our mind in different directions. Distractions can also show up as positioning your desk facing out a window instead of on the work in front of you. Look around and see if you notice any distractions from the place you are sitting right now.

Removing distractions is essential for work areas. When you sit at your desk, what do you look at? What is the message the items around you create? Do you have a lot of things that are not relevant to your work? Whether you work from home or have an office or personal workspace, when distractions are in front of us, it’s challenging to feel empowered and produce our best work. Also, if your office is full of distractions, other people may not give you their full attention during meetings and conversations. This is not to say that your office should be barren or lack personality, but instead be mindful of the items around you and ensure that they support your goals and your position in the company.    

Distractions can also appear in our bedrooms and affect our sleep patterns, or cause turbulence in our relationships. We want to create a serene environment in our bedrooms, free of electronics, laptops, overly energetic artwork, and unsupportive colors or items. When our living areas include too much stuff that lacks purpose or meaning, we can feel unsettled or overwhelmed.   

Keep it Simple

To get started, just start small and keep it simple. Pick one thing to change or move, and then follow that up with what you feel inspired to change. As you move your things around, you’ll notice other areas that need change. The goal here is to ensure that what you observe in your space reflects who you are today. Give yourself permission to let go of the stuff that is no longer relevant! And, most of all - have fun!   

Jen Boyd

Jen is the creator of the Harmony BluePrint Feng Shui program. Her exclusive, 6-week online program is designed to help homeowners align, design, and optimize the energy in their home and life using their personal intentions and modern Feng Shui principles. The program provides a down-to-earth approach to Feng Shui, making the ancient study understandable for today’s lifestyle. It also places emphasis on the importance of self-care and honoring your personal Ch’i. 

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