Getting Unstuck with Feng Shui
By Jen Boyd on October 25, 2019
Have you ever felt stuck or stagnant in your life - or perhaps in the life of your business? It’s like you’re ready to move in a new direction, but something feels like it’s slowing you down. Perhaps you are taking positive steps towards change, but are still running into obstacles? 

I can understand how you feel, as I was once in the same situation. In 2001, I was working for a Fortune 500 company, moving up the corporate ladder in my marketing career. From the outside, my life looked promising, but inside I knew I needed a change and to focus more on my well-being. I needed more harmony in my life!

Ironically, the solution came to me in an unexpected way. I had just driven from Atlanta, Georgia to Sarasota, Florida to visit with my mom. As I stood in my mom’s sunny kitchen, she handed me a book and said “I’m reading this book about Feng Shui - it’s a way to create a more harmonious and balanced life!” She said it with such enthusiasm that the skeptic in me crinkled my nose and said, “Feng what?” At that point in my life I hadn’t studied any Eastern thought, so I just rolled my eyes, and said “yeah, okay, Mom!” But, she was right!

I followed her suggestion and read it. At that time, I had no way of knowing that this book would profoundly change my life in so many positive ways. 

As I read this and other books about Feng Shui, I began making changes within my home and work environments. I felt calmer, more balanced, and more grounded. I saw my relationships improving, and new career opportunities becoming available. Soon after, I found myself enrolling in the Western School of Feng Shui for Practitioner training, and as they say… the rest is history!

The other incredible benefit that I learned from Feng Shui, is the importance of honoring my personal Ch’i. As I started to prioritize this aspect of my life, I experienced the most profound change within myself. 

I can understand that people are often skeptical or unsure about what Feng Shui is or if it’s worth it to pursue. Let it inspire you to begin leveraging your own energy and improve the quality of your life!

Jen Boyd

Jen is the creator of the Harmony BluePrint Feng Shui program. Her exclusive, 6-week online program is designed to help homeowners align, design, and optimize the energy in their home and life using their personal intentions and modern Feng Shui principles. The program provides a down-to-earth approach to Feng Shui, making the ancient study understandable for today’s lifestyle. It also places emphasis on the importance of self-care and honoring your personal Ch’i. 

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