Feng Shui for Homeowners
Elements of Harmony provides step-by-step guidance to help you improve the flow of positive energy in your home so that you can create a more peaceful environment and enhance your prosperity, relationships, and well-being. 

You can access time-tested, proven principles in a down-to-earth, approachable method that is applicable for today’s lifestyle. Join a community of Feng Shui enthusiasts and open up a new flow of positive energy in your home!

Feng Shui Isn’t Magic - It’s Cause and Effect

Elements of Harmony helps homeowners focus on their intentions, understand the relationship they share with their environment, and learn which elements they personally need to live in balance. You’ll find that our clients love the energy in their homes, live fuller lives, and personally feel more in balance. 

We Help Homeowners

Homeowners often feel stuck in some aspects of their lives. 
They just aren’t aware that their environments hold them in an energetic pattern that can contribute to positive or negative circumstances. Some homeowners may find it hard to relax or enjoy their homes, or they may feel like something is missing or out of balance. 

Create a New Flow of Energy

Begin with your intentions and an understanding of the energy that your belongings, artwork, furniture, and home layout have. Simplify design decisions, incorporate a deeper meaning and purpose into your home, and most importantly, improve how you feel about yourself. 

Here’s How it Works

Elements of Harmony provides you with everything you need to align, design, and optimize the energy in your home… and your life. 
We provide the knowledge base so you can create, balance, and design. 
Proven Process
We’ve taken the guesswork out of incorporating Feng Shui principles into your home and finding ways to best support your personal energy. Follow the practical, step-by-step process that is proven to work. Learn how to purposefully place your furniture, artwork, and belongings.

Live Intentionally
Discover a new way to think about and see your home environment and the relationship you share with your belongings. Discover how your space reflects and affects you. Learn how to shift the energetic patterns in your home. 

Exclusive Community
It’s hard to see what’s happening in your own space. Join an active community of Feng Shui enthusiasts to collaborate with, get help, gain accountability, share your Feng Shui journey, make friends, and have fun! 

Expert Mentorship
No matter how good the training is, you’ll always have questions. Get access to Feng Shui expert, Jen Boyd, via our exclusive Facebook Group, weekly Q&A Calls, and one-on-one sessions. 

Proven Results

We don’t provide certificates, degrees, credentials, badges, or attendance awards. We provide you with a real change in the energy of your home environment and your personal energy. Our focus is on our clients’ energy, expansion, self-improvement, and success. 

Feng Shui for Today’s Lifestyle

Feng Shui is Really About YOU!
Feng Shui is more than just how you arrange your home environment. It is actually about YOU! Honoring your personal energy is essential to creating a peaceful environment. We invented a new way to experience Feng Shui by integrating the principles into your home and including the essential training to help you focus on your self-care. Learn how to fortify the Five Elements into your home and your activities so that you feel your best. 
Feng Shui is a Process, Not a One-Time Event  
Most one-time Feng Shui consultations provide a snapshot of how to improve the energy in your space at that moment. To truly improve your life with Feng Shui, your home and your intentions needs to evolve with you as your life changes. Our program offers you unlimited access and you can move at your own pace. We are there to support you at every stage.

We Teach Modern Feng Shui
Using the modern/Western version of Feng Shui, we’ve put together the most relevant, applicable approach for today’s busy lifestyle. We apply the Bagua based on the location of the front door. You’ll achieve great results and create a beautiful home. 
One Simple Approach
There's a ton of Feng Shui resources out there. The problem is that with so many different perspectives, it can be confusing and create uncertainty when you’re applying the principles to your home and when you’re ready to experience a result. Our program incorporates one simple, yet complete, approach to integrating Feng Shui into your home and life. 

Reimagine Your Home

Your home is only as strong as the foundation it is built upon. We teach you everything you need to know to 
align, design, and optimize the energy in your home for today and as you move forward. 
Feng Shui Foundations and Fundamentals
See your home from a whole, new perspective using time-tested, proven principles that are thousands of years old. 
Energy Patterns and Flow
Understand the energetic pattern in your home and how to shift that flow of energy to enhance the quality of your life.
Your environment reflects and affects your life. As you think, you become.  

Begin with what’s most important to you and your home will never feel like it’s missing anything. 

When the Bagua (Feng Shui Map) is applied to a home, room, or property, you unlock the energy to support all aspects of your life. 
Five Elements
Integrate the natural Five Elements into your home, interior design plan, and personal activities, and discover how to naturally bring harmony to your space and personal energy. 
Your Personal Ch’i
Put a real focus on your self-care and living a holistic lifestyle. 

Space Clearing
Clear out the old, stuck energy by resetting the energy in your home with a space clearing. 

Real Estate
The layout of a home and property reveals so much when seen through the perspective of Feng Shui. Understanding these principles can help you select the ideal property for your family/home and investments. 
Interior Design
Feng Shui and Interior Design are best friends. Enhance any design plan with the Bagua, the Five Elements, and your personal intentions. 

Feng Shui principles provide you with a way to organize your belongings, arrange your furniture and artwork, and make empowered design decisions. 

Natural Modalities 
Redirect and shift the energy in your home with simple, natural modalities. 

Enhance the Quality of Your Life

Whether you are brand new to Feng Shui or a Feng Shui connoisseur, The Harmony BluePrint will inspire you to think differently and expansively about your home, your personal energy, and the Five Elements. There’s always something more to learn about with 
Feng Shui and how to successfully apply the principles. 

The Harmony BluePrint Feng Shui Program

Create a peaceful environment that enhances your prosperity, relationships, and well-being in 42 days. Regardless of your previous knowledge or experience, you can learn how to align, design, and optimize the energy in your home… and your life with our 6-week online, self-paced program. 

Learn the Way that Suits You Best 

Learn anytime, anywhere with multiple training formats. Our program comes with online, social, live, and simulated material.
Online e-Learning Platform
Watch training videos in stunning 1080p HD. Access the training online from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you want.

You’re in Good Company

Hundreds of people around the world have worked with Jen Boyd to incorporate Feng Shui into their homes and businesses, improve their Feng Shui knowledge, and enhance the energy in their home environments and quality of their lives. 

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