How to Get Started with Feng Shui in 2021 // 
8 Pro Tips I Wish I Would Have Known When I Was Getting Started With Feng Shui 

By Jen Boyd on May 28, 2021

In today’s video, I want to share with you 8 essential Feng Shui tips to help you get started with Feng Shui. These 8 tips are the things I seriously wish I’d have known 20 years ago when I began my journey. 

When you first start, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or confused. However, it’s best to start small and keep it simple. Also, don’t feel compelled to complete your whole house at one time. To create good Feng Shui, you don’t even need to transform it all. 

It’s so exciting when we first discover Feng Shui. But, sometimes we can feel like we have to move or remove a lot of stuff, and make huge changes all at the same time. This can seem overwhelming!

I know when I first learned about Feng Shui, I strategically placed things all over my home, tried to learn all about the Five Elements, and was constantly moving things. I did this because I really didn’t know how to begin. I tried to do too much all at once. 

By far, the biggest problem I have noticed is when people try to do too much without a clear intention. This was one of the mistakes I made when I began!

The goal is to create a harmonious environment using holistic principles. Feng Shui principles are thousands of years old and they bring so much wisdom to your life. So, just take one thing at a time, set an intention, and learn to see how things begin to transform in your life. 

This video provides simple tips that I’ve implemented in my home and what I suggest for all my clients. 

Here’s what I discuss: 
- Start with your intention
- Align your intention with one area of the Bagua (Feng Shui Map)
- You can’t do it wrong
- Subtle changes make a big difference
- Start where you are
- Level up the energy with artwork
- Activate your front door
- Write out your intentions

I hope this was helpful! Leave me a comment below with your thoughts. 

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Jen Boyd

Jen is the creator of the Harmony BluePrint Feng Shui program. Her exclusive, 6-week online program is designed to help homeowners align, design, and optimize the energy in their home and life using their personal intentions and modern Feng Shui principles. The program provides a down-to-earth approach to Feng Shui, making the ancient study understandable for today’s lifestyle. It also places emphasis on the importance of self-care and honoring your personal Ch’i. 

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