Written by Jen Boyd on September 28, 2019
A healthy lifestyle starts at home. Our home nurtures, stabilizes, and promotes balance. When we feel good in our home, we feel good in our life. More specifically, we can improve our health by creating an environment that gives us good vibes while we are there. These positive vibrations follow us to work and support us in all aspects of our life. The idea here is to get moving, live happily, and find solace in your home! 

Written by Jen Boyd on September 28, 2019
Do you feel stuck and stagnant in your life? Do you love your home, but feel like the energy could use some improvement? Or, perhaps there’s an area of your life where there’s been no movement or a feeling that nothing is happening? 

Written by Jen Boyd on October 25, 2019
Have you ever felt stuck or stagnant in your life - or perhaps in the life of your business? It’s like you’re ready to move in a new direction, but something feels like it’s slowing you down. Perhaps you are taking positive steps towards change, but are still running into obstacles? 

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